Computer Hardware

By: Fareeha Fatima

Video Card

Function and Importance

The video cards sends visual information to a screen for the user to view. It displays all the images on the monitor or screen. It has a small memory and a processing unit known as the graphics processing unit (GPU).

A video card is not needed for the computer to run. It is normally bought to increase the visual quality of 3D games such as Battlefield.


When buying a video card there are different attributes that should be considered. First, there is the bus width. A larger bus width would allow more data transfer at a time. However the clock speed also matters. The faster it is, the faster the data is transferred from the bus width. Another component to check is the memory storage capacity. This will determine how much the video card can remember at one point.

Video cards with larger bus width and faster clock speeds are much better as the computer will process the visual data faster. A larger memory however does not make that much of a difference on the graphic card's performance.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Function and Importance

The RAM is the main memory for a computer. It is needed for the computer to be able to remember data otherwise all data would be lost the second it is received.


RAM has a maximum capacity that represents the total amount of data the RAM can hold. Another component is the speed at which the RAM is able to find data stored in it and send it to the CPU.


Function and Importance

The speakers allow users to hear audio from the computer. Normally, speakers are not integrated into a desktop computer and need to be separately connected via a USB cable or wireless.

Speakers are not necessary for the computer to work properly. The computer will still work without speakers however, if there is any audio, it would not be heard.


A speaker's sensitivity is measured in dB. The higher the decibels, the louder the speaker. Around 90 dB is said to be good.

Impedance refers to the resistance of the current in ohms. The impedance should be from 6-8 ohms to get the best deal out of the speakers.

The frequency is measured in Hertz and it tells how high or low the speaker it can play.

Basic Input/Output System (BIOS)

Function and Importance

The BIOS is a systems software that starts the computer up and controls the data flow. The computer would not start up without it so it is an important component. The BIOS also controls the data flow from basic input/ouput devices like the mouse or keyboard.
The BIOS is already integrated into the computer when you buy it so it does not need to be bought separately. Since it is specified for the motherboard, it is best not to try to exchange the BIOS as it may not work.

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