What to Do When...


Info included:

  • When the OLS/LMS has a systems outage
  • When Class Connect is down
  • When you're missing materials for a student's lesson (Backorders)
  • Your computer hardware is broken/damaged
  • Your personal internet is down or not available

Uh oh, the OLS/LMS is down...

  • School continues!
  • Always save your teacher's contact info so that you can access them when you can't access the school system. There's a staff email directory linked below.
  • Teachers will share alternative plans for what you can do to continue your student's learning for the day. This may include some supplemental learning time, or include some offline lesson work time as well. It's okay! It all gets sorted out and tomorrow will be better!

When your personal internet is not available...

Be prepared by noting your advocate's and/or teacher's contact info and phone to notify them if the outage will be more than several hours.

  • Do you have a back up plan?
  • Are you able to use a hot spot from a smart phone?
  • Are you able to go to an alternate location where internet is available? (Family member's home, library, etc.)
  • Remember that we will work with you on those unusual days if your internet lapses, but it is the Learning Coach's responsibility to provide consistent internet service so that your student can access school work and instruction.
K12 Customer Care - HELP.K12.COM

Tons of troublshooting, resources and tech help at your fingertips!

Webform for K12 Customer Care Support Request

No need to call and wait on the phone! Use this form for support!

Missing Materials?

There may be some materials that have not arrived yet, as a few of our families may have backordered materials. It won't be too long, but what do you do for now?

Look ONLINE in the lessons, and you'll find that most lessons will have a digital version of what you need. You may print this out, but you may not need to! Depending on the content, it may be easily converted to a writing or whiteboard task, or done verbally per the lesson directions.

Keep an eye on shipping and tracking, and if your student is in grades K-2, use the resources below to help you.

Class Connect Issues?

Try the troubleshooting below.

If Blackbloard Collaborate is down, then teachers will post announcements and email students with alternative instructions. This may even include joining in an alternate online classroom format. Watch and stay in touch during these times.