2016 Open Enrollment

Materials in the Mail!

Incoming Delivery!

This week you will begin to receive boxes with 2016 Open Enrollment items to help you with a successful Open Enrollment.

Our goal is defined as having, at minimum, 95% of each location's benefit eligible employees make an online election (enroll or declination) to avoid the $2k per employee per year penalty for your entire location.

What's in the box?

Thank you items donated by our insurance carriers, which may include:

  • Chapstick
  • Letter Openers
  • Toothbrushes
  • Hand wipes

You will also receive:

  • Gift Card(s) and one iPod
  • Prestige Plus Branded Balloons
  • Drawing tickets
  • Benefits team contact sheet stand, flyer and cards

A full breakout of your locations materials will be included with the box. Please review it to ensure that all materials made it to your location successfully. These materials are intended for use to incentivize your benefit eligible population to make an online election (enroll or decline) for 2016 Open Enrollment.

Shortly after your OE materials arrive, you can expect to receive a separate box containing a barometer board to be used for tracking enrollment at your location.

These are Our Tools to Help You

We have a commitment to helping you be successful and providing resources and education to employees. To bring awareness to your employees and location that Open Enrollment is here we have done the following:

  • Open Enrollment materials and communications
  • 2016 Benefit newsletters to employee homes arriving on or around 10/16
  • Postcard reminders mailed to homes for arrival 11/2
  • Employees on Leave of Absence will be provided OE materials and enrollment forms to their home by 11/2
  • Comprehensive Benefit Ambassador training sessions 10/21-10/23
  • A formal Presentation on plan changes to share with your location to be emailed on 10/28
  • Benefit team hotline and email (with extended hours during Open Enrollment)

All of this for a total cost of $250 or less for each location! That is a net savings of approximately $350 from prior years.