Boaz's Science Smore

I don't know why it is called a smore but it is.

Earthquake PBL

The Earthquake PBL is when we desinged a house for Toney Stark that could withstand a earthquake. We worked in groups of 4-5. First we found a place in Californa where he could live. Than we bainstormed about what we would do to help the house to be earthquake proof. After that we each made two drawings of the modle that we were going to make. We could either chose the best one or we could combine some of the drawings into one. When we decided we would build it out of popcicle sticks, toothpicks,straws, clay, and string. Finally we tested it on a shake table.

30 Hands project

The 30 hands project was a project we did on Picolloge and 30hands. On this project we worked on our own. First what we did is we made anout 9 slides mostly targeted on climate change and global warming. After we made the slides we took a screenshot of them and then we uploaded them to 30hands. After that we recorded our voices onto each slide and it was ready to turn in.

Invention Convention

The invetion convetion is a project we did in groups of 1-3. What we had to do was to invent or inovate something. We could not invent something that was already invented because than we wouldn't really invent it ( I thought that was ovious but aparently not, a lot of people tried that). We had to fill out paper on what it was and which of the three R's it would use. Than we had to make a modle out of recycleables. We could not go out and buy any thing, that would defeat the perpose.