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December 14 - Week 18

Upcoming Events


  • 14th - Grade 7 Concert - 7pm
  • 15th Topaz Team to Hartford Stage - 9:15am to 1:30pm
  • 16th CSI - Department
  • 17th - Unified Theatre Performance - 7pm
  • 18th - DS Meeting - Building - 8:30 to 10am
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When: Monday

Where: Teacher Lounge

Time: 2nd period

How much: .50 cents

Dec. 23d Schedule---Check with your Team Leader

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12 Days Before Vacation Suprises

We hope you are enjoying a different way to count down to Winter Break as much as we are. Keep looking out in your email or on the countdown smore for updates.
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Your help means so much!

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has so generously contributed to the Caring Colleagues Pantry. Many of you have donated anonymously so I don't know who you are. I am going through a difficult time right now and the kindness that you, my colleagues, have shown has brought bright moments to some dark times. You continue to remind me to be thankful for having the opportunity to work in such a great place with such kind and giving people. We really are like a family here. I would also like to thank a few special people in particular. Karen Walsh- thank you for checking in with me and always being there. Your support means a lot. To all who have contributed to the Caring Colleagues Pantry-thank you for helping me and others when we need it most."

Teacher of the Year

It is that time of year again, to start thinking about nominating one of our very own stellar teachers here at KP! Yes, we are all too modest to want to be nominated, but please consider it if you are nominated! And, please consider nominating a fellow teacher.

FORMS for nominations are in the office on the table in front of our mailboxes. Please fill it out and send it inter-office to HR Room 408 ATTN: Gert Perry by JAN. 7th!

Wellness News

Cheer Fund News

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Cheer Fund this year! As of today we are at about 30% participation. With the holiday season upon us we would like to show our appreciation for all of the great work and daily help the office staff, custodial staff, cafeteria staff and security guards offer us each day. We would also like to continue to acknowledge good news and offer condolences to those suffering losses. Please consider contributing to the cheer fund ($30 full time staff and $20 part time staff) You can put cash or a check in Gina Pudlo's mailbox. Thank you!

Passing of the Rocks

Liz D'Attilio is passing the Staff Wellness rock on to Mei-Ling Caldera. "Thank you for supporting Staff Wellness by "cultivating a supportive climate." Your knowledge of technology has been a huge asset to the Diamond Team!

Gina Pudlo is passing the Student Success rock to Matt Bannon. During parent conferences many students mentioned how much they enjoy Matt's social studies class-maybe it's because Matt makes it a priority to make learning fun. Or maybe it's because he offers many hands on projects for students to work on and enjoy. Or maybe it's because he incorporates technology and fun games into his class for reviews. Or, quite possibly, it may be because he took the time to teach students about the country of Djibouti which, for some reason, Ruby students can't stop talking about! Whatever the reason, Ruby students are learning a lot and having fun in Matt's class. Thank you, Matt, for contributing to students' success here at KP.

Susanne Torcasio is passing the Community Engagement Rock to Marisa Tamayo. Marisa is so engaged in the KP Community, from Lend a Hand to Adopt a Family to KP International Night to translating to helping me personally by proofing the KP Connections every week. The list goes on and on but most importantly, Marisa is fully invested in KP community and keeps us connected! Marisa, you ROCK!

Things Noticed . . .

  • Staff members having fun at work!!!!
  • Science students practicing inquiry as they explore a variety of biomes.
  • Staff members stepping up to cover their colleagues classes when coverage was needed.
  • Spanish students incorporating their math skills into their assignment
  • Staff, students and families attending, volunteering and participating in a variety of ways during the fundraising event at Barnes and Noble and MOES.
  • Science students working through stations of authentic inquiry tasks.

  • Kids holding each other accountable for school-appropriate behaviors.

  • Clinical staff ramping up their efforts to help some students regulate themselves during this hectic time of year.

You're a GEM

  • Sarah Chouinard from colleague Jennifer Slifer for lending me her classroom for reading testing. It was greatly appreciated!
  • Lisa Scherer from colleague Rebecca Lewis for going above and beyond when helping me with testing students, and always helping both her students and all students in the classroom.
  • Nancy Barlow from colleague Courtney Baron for taking her time on a Friday morning to help me make sure my nearpod activity was working correctly.

  • Carolyn Andrews from colleague Francine Hechenbleikner for helping me get a special needs student off the bus in the morning when the monitor wasn't there.

  • Denise DeMello from Laura and Jeanne. Thank you for sharing your expertise with our students. We always appreciate all of the extras you provide!

  • Nancy Barlow from colleague Courtney Baron for taking her time on a Friday morning to help me make sure my nearpod activity was working correctly.

How we respond to a student who asks the same question over over again is our choice. Check out the video

I was crying while uploading this video_and i m sure u will too

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