Korea War

Cody Clawson

5 Facts about the Korean War

1. The Korean War was the first military actrion of the Cold War.

2. The world's first all-jet dogflight occured during the Korean War in 1950

3. The United states keeps troops in South Korea in case North Korea ever attempts to invade again.

4. North Koreans who were born after the Korean War were 2 inches shorter than South Koreans.

5. The U.S. dropped more bombs in the Korean War than World War II

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Korean War

It is important to us mostly because the United States is always trying to help establish world peace and not let any wars break out that are major. The War broke out when North Korea soldiers crossed the 38th parallel.

The fighting never stopped it, it died out at around 1953 the toll of the war was about 1.2 million deaths in South Korea, 1 million in North Korea, 36,500 deaths for the U.S, and 600,000 for the Chinese soldiers. Conflict started happening when we defeated Japan because Japan use to own Korea but then decided to make it an independent country.

Douglas MacArthur

Douglas MacArthur was a five-star war general for WWII and the Korean War, After the War in Korea he then decided to be removed from his command. He went to San Fransisco to give a speech for his retirement after serving for 52 years in the military.