Current Events

Final Project


This year my knowledge on ISIS has become stronger. They have made a huge impact worldwide and have been a main topic on the news for a longtime. The jihadist group is working to take over specific countries and convert them back to the Caliphate. They have taken an extremely violent approach while doing this. There has been many acts of terrorism by ISIS on various countries. They are fighting with Bashar al-Assad for power in Syria. ISIS has been controlling the role of women, they attempt to dictate almost everything they do. They are very strict on what women wear, where they go during the day, and for the most part don't even let them leave their homes. One of the main dangers of ISIS is that it is an idea rather than just a group, so if you kill them another generation will step up.

Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis has been a topic that has been very relevant in the news this year. People have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict within their country. In Syria, there are many refugees leaving the country because of the danger that ISIS and the civil war is causing for them. Many refugees from Syria have moved to Jordan and Lebanon and to other various parts of Europe such as France. Babies, pregnant women, elderly people and more have to suffer through the living conditions and dangers. Many children have lost loved ones and are left alone without an idea of what to do. Surrounding countries have been very understanding and accepting when it comes to allowing refugees into their country. I think in order for the USA to contribute and help this crisis, we need to allow a certain number of refugees into our country and give every person a thorough background check and make sure that every refugee is safe to be allowed in. The refugee crisis has been a very long on going event and can hopefully be stopped soon.

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage was one of the most interesting topics to me this year. Throughout many debates on whether the minimum wage should be raised or if it should stay the same. Personally I believed that the minimum wage should be raised because workers that are making that salary will be unable to support themselves and/or a family. These workers put a lot of effort and work very hard to make a living, and with the minimum wage it is nearly impossible to do so. Recently the minimum wage was raised in certain states on New Year's Day. On the other hand I can see the opposite side of the argument. Raising the minimum wage could possibly set a new standard for poverty because people who are below the poverty line now would begin to make more money, but still making the minimum wage. Also raising the minimum wage can damage businesses that have to pay their employees more money. Another reason this could be bad is because jobs may become more limited because a company will not want to hire a lot of people when he has to pay them a higher salary. This issue has been very interesting to me and I enjoyed learning more about it.

Black Lives Matter

Personally I believe that the Black Lives Matter movement has been the most appealing and interesting topic we have discussed this year. I found it very interesting because I believe it is very relevant to our lives and happens throughout our country and the world. This movement is protesting for equality for all races. There have been many scenarios we have talked about where a person of color has been treated unfairly such as ferguson and Freddie Gray. Both of these events deal with officers unfairly judging innocent people. It has been caught on camera of officers approaching people of color for not doing anything. In the Freddie Gray case they were very violent and careless with Freddie. It was caught on camera of them dragging him into the van even though he was clearly injured, and then once he was in the van they failed to put his seat belt on making Freddie more vulnerable to injury. I am very intrigued in the whole movement because unfortunately racism is still existent and our society today, and I am happy that changes are being made and people are standing up for what is right.

Climate Change

Climate change was one of the scariest topic we discussed this year. I found this topic horrifying because it has the potential to harm my life, and future generations to come. Climate change is very dangerous for several reasons. One reason is it causes higher temperature. These temperatures will eventually reach uncomfortable heights. Another reason it is dangerous because it is rising sea levels. The rising of the sea levels is dangerous for states that are on the coast, because eventually that state may be completely under water. Another very important danger that the climate change causes is the increased risk of drought. Droughts will harm wildlife and humans because it will be difficult to grow food in certain areas. I believe it is necessary that everyone contributes to avoiding the drastic climate change. People can walk more, take public transportation, eat everything in fridge, fly less, recycle more, use solar energy, and more. I think this is a very important topic and everyone needs to realize that, because this can harm our lives and our kids and grandkids lives as well.

Income Inequality

Income inequality is a very relevant topic when discussing America. We have more income inequality than any other developed country in the world. I certainly do not believe that everyone should make the same amount of money no matter what job they have, but I think the gap between the rich and the poor needs to be decreased. I think it is insane how much money athletes, actors, and models are being paid. For example Kim Kardashian has a net worth of $85 million for doing basically nothing. Then there are people with minimum wage jobs that work as hard as they can, but they were not given the oppurtunity some of these celebrities had. Some people may make mistakes early in their lives that may lead to the struggle of getting a well paid job. Also some celebrities do work hard and earn their livings, but some are born into the spotlight and make millions off basically nothing. I believe that the salaries of certain athletes that are making hundreds of millions of dollars is absurd. Their job is to entertain people and they make more money then necessary. For example, Floyd Mayweather has a net worth of $400 million and made around $32 million in his last fight. As I said before, I don't think everyone that works deserves an equal salary, but the gap between poor and rich needs to be smaller.

Presidential Election

This year has been a very different and interesting election. The debates are much different than the usual debate, especially the republican debates. With Donald Trump leading the republican races it has turned out to be rather interesting. Instead of the average formal debates, Trump has led it to be quite the opposite. He has made the debates rather interesting with being rude to other candidates and other people. Personally I think he has made the debates more watchable than the ordinary debates, especially with the candidates we have this year. Other important candidates include: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and more. I don't feel comfortable with any of these candidates becoming the next president of this country if I am being totally honest. Also Trump takes the majority of the spotlight for the republicans and that makes it tough for other candidates to stand out. We still have a while until the next president is elected, so hopefully one of these candidates can make a difference and make me feel more comfortable for the future of this country.

Gun Violence

Lately in the news gun violence has been a large topic of discussion, and rightfully so. I do not believe that guns should be banned, but I think the use needs to be limited and checked. I think a very thorough and formal background check is necessary before allowing someone to purchase a gun. Guns are important for reasons such as protection and hunting for food. Some people might believe that if guns are banned then there would be no need to have them for protection and no shootings will occur. I believe that whether guns are allowed or not, true criminals will find a way to get their hands on guns and then in this case people will not have a gun for protection. So like I said, criminals will be able to get their hands on guns no matter what, so a real background check is needed for people that are purchasing weapons. I also believe that it should become more difficult and limited to get a gun, but not impossible for the average person. Changes are definitely necessary and I think it is very important to have a vote on the subject.