Mesopotamia Civilization

By: Michael Dorn and Chad Johnson

The Map

ancient Mesopotamia consisted of a few civilizations, one of which was the Akkidans. What made Mesopotamia special is the "cradle of civilization" also known as the "fertile crescent", located in the enter of the map. This area was perfect for farming and building a civilization because of the tigres and Euphrates rivers.

Civilization in mesopatnia

Mesopotamia is a name for the area between the taigas and euphrates rivers the reason this place was so successful for living in was because of the fertile land that the rivers had created and because it was easy to transport stuff through the rivers. The sumerians were one of the very first civilizations that lived in the mesopatmia. That was until the akkidans were a civilized people who spoke a language close to Arabic and were able to gain control over the sumerians with there superiority. The akkidans decided to take many ideas from the previous civilization and build off of the ideas before them. Civilizations continued to build of the ones before them and adapting religious beliefs, government , and forms of currency to ultimately attempt to make the best Civilization possible.


The akkidans are a very important civilization that contributed as a building block for all the civilizations after that. This group of people have taken another civilizations lifestyle and made it there own. The akkidans were advanced for there time and that is because of the location they built up from.


A few thousand years ago, a group of semi-Semitic speakers united and migrated into northern mesopotamia. After realizing how smart they were as a people, a new Capital was set up at Akkad. This is how the Akkidans got their names. The akkidans had a strong army, carrying out over 30 battles against semerian city-states, which were eventually handed over to the Akkidans, expanding their empire even more. The Akkidans were polytheistic, and became very successful with farming, thanks to the wonderful layout of the tigres and Euphrates rivers.