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USD 352

Newsletter #2

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"Kansans told us schools need to place an equal amount of focus on helping students develop nonacademic skills, such as social-emotional growth, as they do on developing academic skills."

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North Elementary

Mighty Mornings at the beginning of the school day is a time where students move towards a "ready to learn" state. Activities such as puzzles, board games, and walking the halls help students adjust from home to school routines.

North Neighborhoods
connect students across grades to build a community within a community. Covid precautions for this school year changed the idea slightly, however the principles have continued within the classroom setting.

Goodland Jr./Sr. High School

Regulation Room - Monitored by trained, student volunteers, this spot offers a calming place for students who are feeling anxious, upset, or out-of-sorts to step away and self-regulate their emotions.

SOC - Faculty are making an extra attempt to check-in and connect with students.

West Elementary

Cowboy Connections are a time designed for students to build friendships across the building and between grade levels. During this staff-led time, students are learning about Zones of Regulation and how to identify and understand various emotions. Due to Covid, some changes were made, but the concept is still being implemented within the classroom.

Soft Start - Students have different needs when they arrive at school, soft start allows them to choose an activity that helps them get ready to learn.


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