Law Enforcment

State Trooper

What State Troopers do

State troopers are law enforcement professionals who ensure that drivers are following state vehicular laws and regulations. These officers may direct traffic, issue citations, arrest criminals, assist injured motorists involved in accidents and help local law enforcement agencies.

Why it fits me

I think being a state trooper best fits me because, I have always liked helping others, I also want a job where everything is interesting, and in this job you never know what is about to happen.


The current starting salary for a trooper is $62,403 (including uniform allowance). The second-year total compensation significantly increases to $69,489. Top pay for a Trooper is $108,847 Troopers receive yearly increments. All recruits receive $777 every two weeks, plus overtime pay.


  1. Submit an application
  2. Pass the written and physical tests
  3. Submit to a background check, polygraph test, and oral interview
  4. Pass a medical examination, and drug test
  5. Complete State Trooper training


A Degree in Criminal Justice or a related field, though not mandatory, It may give you an advantage over other candidates. In addition to general education courses, criminal justice students will also learn about the theories, principles, and techniques that are used by the police force through courses in policies and laws, criminal behavior, police supervision, criminal procedures, and criminal investigations.