IRE Options

August 24, 2016 - BEST District of the EVSC

Remediation and Enrichment Options

You probably have started looking at grouping students based on need. The Intervention Group uses a research-based tool to support students, but what about the other two groups? Here are TWO adaptive options that you might consider for your Remediation and/or Enrichment Groups - and they are digital, research-based, and FREE!!!


MobyMax assesses students in ELA and Math and formulates a structure that supports any learning gap students might have. What a perfect option for Remediation Groups! Plus, those enrichment groups will have opportunities to extend their learning - i.e. diving much deeper into the content. Sign up for a free account today!
Read Theory is free, adaptive, and will personalize the content for each learner. This program can be run via a web-based browser or app. Check out the one-page PDF flier below. It is designed for parents but contains some useful information.