The Storm From the Sea

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How is a hurricane formed?

A hurricane is formed because of the Weather Machine which is the energy from the sun, earth, air, and water to make weather.

The first step to make a hurricane is to have a whole lot of thunder storm make a tropical depression. Next is that the depression becomes a disturbance. Third is that the disturbance becomes a tropical storm. Finally when wind speeds go higher then 75 mph. And then you have your self a hurricane.

Not all storms become hurricanes usually they get to tropical storm then they start to lose power.

The name of the storm changes because if a hurricane forms in the Indian Ocean they are called tropical cyclones, if they form over the Pacific Ocean and head twordes Asia it is called a typhone

Tracking and Preparing for a Hurricane

The meterorolgists use satellite images and data from the hurricane hunters.

Meterorolgists use the Saffir-Simpson scale to rate a hurricanes strength. The scale is from 1-5 the higher the number the more dangerous the storm is.

They warn people if the path hurricane. If the storm is 24-36 hours away they issue a hurricane watch. When the storm is 24 hours away the issue a hurricane warning.

Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy was just formed it upgraded to a tropical storm in six hours. Sandy moved slowly northward toward the Greaten Antilles and gradually intensified. On October 24 Sandy became a hurricane and then made land fall near Kingston, Jamaica. Then it went to a catagory 1 after it passed Jamaica. When Sandy hit Cuba it was a catagory 3. Then died down to a tropical storm the went back to a catagory 1. Sandy cost $75 billion in damage. Atleast 233 people died because of Sandy.

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