I WANT That Job

The World of Chemistry

What do Chemists do?

Chemists can do many kinds of jobs. They can make medicine, improve hair gels, make ice cream taste good, help make a more reliable bullet proof vest, and many more things. Chemists work with the pH scale and the periodic table. Some people like chemistry because the world of chemistry is unlimited.

Chemist Requirements and Salary

Being a chemist isn't easy. All you need is a bachelor's degree, but many chemists have PhDs to gain more knowledge and credibility. You also need to have scientific and mathematic knowledge, and you need to have taken a few computer courses in college. To be a chemist, you must enjoy the enviroment, you must be patient, you must be accepting of new ideas, and last but not least, you need to be curios. If you ever want to improve something, you must have first though of a way to make it better. You probably thought of that idea from curiosity. A chemist's anual salary is $69, 760 a year. The number of chemists in the US is growing but only by about 5%. A few of the companies that hire in this field are Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dow Chemical, and Bio Rad Laboratories. Not only is chemistry a neat and exciting topic, but it is benifical for society. Chemists can do small things to make life better like try to make perfume smell better or big things like create a more fuel effecient car so we can stop relying on foriegn oil.

By Ty Smith, 4th Period