Entry Level Position in Fresno, CA

Job Description

We are looking for a Calligrapher to join out team. We are a design company that focuses on the needs of our customers and are always looking to provide them with the best service possible.

Desired Skills

We are looking for someone who is ambitious, patient, creative, and able to work independently. You should be able to complete a variety of calligraphy tasks including graduation diplomas, envelopes, wedding announcements etc. with a relatively quick turn around time. The desired candidate would be able to market themselves to potential clients and be flexible to meet clients needs. 1-2 years of experience in the field.


A Bachelor's or associates degree in Graphic Arts is preferred. Those with equivalent experience may apply as well. Please list all work experience related to the job application. All candidates should supply a portfolio of sample work.


This is an entry level position and salary will start at $27,000 a year, Mid level range is $57,000 and our top calligraphers make $90,000. Salary will be based on experience and years of service.