Superintendent's Update

November 10-November 14

Weekly Calendar (November 10-November 14)

Monday, November 10

8:00 Data Meetings (all day)

5:30 Work Session - Board of Trustees

Tuesday, November 11 (Veterans Day)

8:00 Data Meetings (all day)

6:00 Town Hall Meeting #1 (City Council Chambers- City Hall)

*Be sure to thank our veterans for their sacrifice to our country!

Wednesday, November 12- Thursday, November 13

Leadership South Carolina

Friday, November 14

9:00 Winthrop University (Servant Leadership with Peter Dewitt)

1:00 Technology Meeting

Upcoming Events

Monday, November 17

5:30-7:00 Data meeting with Board of Trustees

Tuesday, November 18

6:00 Town Hall Meeting #2 (Sunset Park)

Monday, November 24

6:00 Board of Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, November 26- Friday, November 27

Thanksgiving Holidays

Happy November Birthday!


2 Elaine Bilton

Marcia Hollingsworth

Dianne McCray

5 Dan Ralyea

6 Beverly Hovis

Jim Vining

8 Jessica Gentry

12 Karen Price

13 Elaine Baker

16 Ginny Moe

18 Brenda Campbell

19 Tracy Beckham

21 Beth Lifsey

Kim Melander

22 Julie Herring

25 Heather Rollings

26 Kim McCormack

28 Mildred Douglas

29 Stephanie Haselrig

PLC's and next steps...

First, I would like to thank you and your school team for your participation in last week's PLC conference. We spent much financial and human resources to attend, and we need to make sure we share what we learned and begin conversations with our schools about our next steps.

I believe we all learned a lot and have much to reflect on as we prepare to move forward with PLC's. We understand that we have schools at different places in this process and that changing a culture takes time, understanding and support. The leadership at the district level will help you and your school team during this process. As we think about next steps, I think we can all begin conversations about the following...

1. As educators, do we really believe that all children can learn- and does all mean all? Do we want to be a district (school) for all? I think that we do.

2. Begin reviewing the Learning by Doing book. As we learned at the conference, this is a great book to guide us.

3. Does your current schedule allow teachers to meet together in true learning communities? If not, can you correct it this year or is it something that you will have to plan for next year? Remember, this time should be during the teachers current working hours- not additional time.

4. Identify where you are now - 0, 5, 10 (remember the keynote)

We will pull the PLC team together to discuss next steps. Do we want to have some of the faculty from Solution Tree to participate in our conference this summer?

If you have suggestions or needs from us, please let us know! We know that if we have true learning communities (collaborative groups- not cooperative groups) we will see an improvement in student success.

Mr. Holland's Opus

I included this clip as a reminder to us about the importance of helping all children succeed.
Mr. Holland's Opus - Lou Finds the Beat