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new resealable lids from Hatzopoulos

The resealable lid foils are in very high demand these days. They are used for a big

range of food products, such as cheese, which need to remain fresh for longer.

The resealable foil lid from Hatzopoulos is the ideal solution for quality product

presentation. No more stale products and bad odours!

Our lids can be opened and closed up to 10 times. The adhesive is extruded within the foil. You don't have to invest in any special machine and you can even use it on the same lines you use conventional sealing foil.

It comes with a variable range of barrier properties designed to match each products requirements for protection and freshness.

cheese, ham, meat, cold cuts.

Visual properties:
- metalized
- transparent + barrier
- white opaque
- paper look or glossy look