21st Century Learning - Term 4 Week 3


Learning Intentions - These are the ones I have created for my class which my class love.

Steph Westwood has created "heaps" of Learning Intentions/Goals.

Edible Lessons and Playing Shakespeare.

My Monster Poem - great for Halloween.

Story Starter for Narrative writing.

Terrific Traits - for a character analysis lesson.

3 new Comprehension activities.

1 new Author's Purpose activity.

3 new Cause and Effect activities.

Fact and Opinion activities.

Epic Readers and Zing added to a Variety of Texts - my kids LOVE these activities.

Rocking and Writing

2 developing arguments activities - S1

Punctuation lesson,

Lizzie Chase's Picture Talks

Walt Wilfs


Calculation Balance - the Mult. section.

Visual Fractions - in Fraction section.

Sequence Generator - in Patterns section.

Leanne Williamson has shared her S2 Maths ppts.

General Resources - Estimation 180, Card games, iTools, Mathemagic.

I most probably have added new additions to all Maths pages - I just can't remember!


Experiments - Scope, DIY, sCIENCE bUDDIES,

Good Science websites - Dragonfly TV, Crash Course Kids (clips), Weird Lesson Friday.

New additions to:


Simple Machines

Floating & Soaring

Healthy Eating

Natural Processes - Rocks

Sun - Earth


Volcanoes - The Melting Magma pdf.

Human Body

Products - How Things are Made



Roller Coaster generator

Solar System

New Units

Is Australia Part of Asia? - Laura Egan-Burt.

Science Units - This section has been tidied with new units added.

English Units - Heaps added from Term 3 Week 10.

Why not share your Term 3's unit? Sharing inspires others : )

History - Geography

The Way We Were - New pics.

Government - One new resource

Adapt previous COGS-HSIE units to create a new syllabus History or Geography unit.

Early Explorers

The Gold Rush has been tidied.

First Fleet

History of Flight, Cars

Antarctica - 2-3 new resources - Please pass the salt, apps, clips and books.

Lots of general Geography resources.

History Units - Organised in Stages with a few new additions.

Web Tools

Story Creators - Card Maker, A Dog's Tale, Story Boarder.

Comic Creator - Create A Comic.

URL Creator - Just Paste It! - It's really cool.

Type a Tone - Type and create music, similar to Isle of Tune

Create Self Portraits and Lunapics - Lunapics is awesome.

Music- Opera Mystery, Time Machine, Button Bass and Isle of Tune (a must to try)

News Map - Newsmap is an application that visually demonstrates the constantly changing landscape of the “Google News”. You can view the map by region, topic, or time. A fascinating, and discussion provoking, tool.

Keep Moving Forward!

Snapshot Facebook

Join Snapshot Facebook today!

Next Weekend - I will create a Facebook Smore with Facebook " goodies"

Karen Atkins has created this Sphero Unit Smore.

Sustainability - Asia - Aboriginal Culture

Sustainability - 4 new finds.

Asia - Chinese Zodiac Signs,

The World Languages Map

Aboriginal Culture - Individual clips from My Place

Great Australian Inventions

Teacher Sharing

Would you like to share your Term 1 or 2 unit or links to great sites?

Many teachers continue to amaze me with their generosity and because of this we are all richer. I believe "sharing, inspires!"

Inspire your colleagues today by sharing : )