My Ear "Drums" Hurt !


What part of the drum kit set do people shy away from?


I think that it will be a specific part of the drum kit, because they're louder that each other so the louder one most likely makes people shy away. I think the snare drum is most likely the one because it has the most loudest sound.


First, record the sounds for the survey.

Second, create a survey monkey and invite people to it.

Third, collect data from the survey and add up the results.

Fourth, record data from most unpleasant to mod pleasent.

Fifth, create a virtual science board.


In the first experiment , one person said snare , one said Tom , zero said kick , one said 1 crash, and one said 2 crash. In the second expriment , one said snare ,one said tom , zero said kick, two said 1 crash , zero said 2 crash. In the third expiriment only four said 1 crash .


The experiment turned out the way it did because they might have louder vibrations instead of the tone, since it (crash1) resonates. My hypothesis was proven wrong , because the snare was not the most unpleasant according to data. If I could redo the experiment , I would show the sounds up close to see if it would change. Yes I need to investigate further, to fully awnser it scientifically I could measure the actual volume , and not base it on opinions. My project taught me that a wide variety of people's opinions , the crash one is the most probability of less time to practice. I was doing this project , because I wanted to see if certain parts of the kit will make someone shy away.

Preston Miller

My Ear DRUMS Hurt! - 12 16 14, 11.15 PM by Preston Miller
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