Ancient Egypt

The Builders of the Pyramids

Pyramids and the Workers

  • volunteers
  • farmers whose fields flooded every year
  • people from all over Egypt

  • 30,000 - 40,000 people. divided into groups.
  • 10 hour shifts everyday
  • paid in food rations

Exavations near the Giza Pyramids uncovered a city that house the workers. DNA from the town cemetary suggested that people from different places came to build them.

  • Fed fairly well and revieced medical attention
  • surgeries, little malnutrition

  • rope and wooden skids to move the large stones.
  • Some stones were as large as 9 tons, most ageraged around 3. A pyramid ranged in about 6 1/2 million tons.

Large spiral ramps going around the perimeter of the pyramids were built. Others think the workers climbed on the pyramid and brought the stones up with rope as they went.

Hidden passages, sliding trap doors, and shafts filled with rubble to confuse/harm grave robbers.

Built from 3000 BC - 1800 BC. Showed respect, importance, and power towards pharoahs.

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