By: Jonathan Alvarado

What is a front?

A front is when two different air masses meet together.

Cold Front

A cold front is a huge air mass that cause rain. A cold forms when the cold air pushes the warm air up because the colder air is more denser than the warm air.

Warm Front

A warm front is a huge air mass that can cause light rain or snow. A warm front forms when the warm air mass goes over the cold air mass because the cold air is too dense for the warm air to go under so the only way is by going over the cold air mass.

Stationary Front

A stationary front is a huge air mass the can cause gray skies with rain or snow. A stationary front forms when a warm and cold air mass meet and neither are strong enough to push each other and it causes gentle rain or light snow.

Occluded Front

A occluded front is a huge air mass that can cause storms and heavy rain. A occluded front forms when two cold air masses push out the warm air mass.
What are weather fronts?