Weekly Rangers Newsletter

Week of May 2nd-6th


-A BIG Thank you to Bernadette, Margarita, Michelle, Suzanne, Dawn, and Jennifer. Your support in our Inclusion and specialized classrooms is very much appreciated. We are very Grateful for each and every one of you!

-Next week is your week Rangers! We hope you enjoy all your goodies and surprises :) All of you deserve it!

Current Events

Monday, 5/2:

-Teacher Appreciation Week (Day 1): Lunch sponsored by Leadership team

-ELL Meeting, 1-4, Veronica Medina

-Elementary Librarian's Meeting, 2-5, Hardy Oak Elementary, K. Wright

-Spurs Game Day, You may wear Jeans with your Spurs Shirt, GSG!

-First day of CRMS window


-ARD Day

-Teacher Appreciation Week (Day 2): Breakfast sponsored by PTA

-PTA general meeting, 1st grade performance

Wednesday, 5/4:

-Teacher Appreciation Week (Day 3): -PTA Teacher appreciation lunch, lounge

-ARD Day

-College T-shirt Day

-Faculty Meeting: Dr. Maegan Stanga from Thrive Wellness Center will be here presenting on how to Fight Stress by building your Health. She comes with strategies, tips & goodies :)

-Teacher of the Year Banquet, 6 p.m., Kathryn Schwab & Mrs. Rosas

Thursday, 5/4:

-Leadership Synergizing Meeting, 9:30

-Teacher Appreciation Week (Day 4): Light breakfast sponsored by PTA & Leadership team

-ARD Day

Friday, 5/5:

-Teacher Appreciation Week (Day 5): Breakfast sponsored by PTA & Leadership team

-2nd grade Fairy Tale Battle of the books, 8:30-9:30

-GT meeting, 1-4, S. Sauter

-Robotics, 2:30-4:00

-Spurs Game Day, GSG!


*CRMS window opens from May 2nd-20th. Further instructions are coming from Veronica.

*Teachers~ remember to be adding/updating Compass ISPs. This will be part of the EOY checklist. I encourage you to be working on this now and not waiting until the last week of school.

* During Testing week, you may wear Jeans from the 9th-11th if you pair them with: a motivational STAAR shirts/ or READ shirts(ex. Dr. Seuss), WITH Tennis shoes.

* Summatives: We will have summatives scheduled with teachers between May 2nd-4th. Sign up sheets are on Veronica's or America's door. If you decide to waive your conference with Veronica or America, you must do so in writing (an email is fine). Then electronic signatures are rendered. All Summative Reports must be signed by both parties no later than May 4th.

*The EOY assessment window will be April 25th-May 27th. Please take your class in during your regularly scheduled computer time to complete this assessment with them. (Please see 4/18 email from J. Schaefer)

*1st and 2nd will continue to switch special times to accommodate for Music practice on the stage. This will run until May 3rd (Repeat)

*Teachers, this is a reminder for those of you going on a field trip in the upcoming month: Please make sure to turn in your parent volunteer lists into the office a week prior to the field trip. Also, make sure to notify the clinic, cafeteria, Lisa, and specials. (**Repeat)

Upcoming Events



Bexar County elections to be held on campus, 7 a.m.- 7 p.m.


-Mother's Day


-Closed Campus

-3rd & 4th Math STAAR test

-5th Math STAAR Re-test


-Closed Campus

-3rd & 4th Reading STAAR test

-5th Reading STAAR Re-test


-Closed Campus

-Happy Birthday Kathy Von Buettner!

-School Nurse Day!

-College T-shirt Day

-5th Science STAAR Test

-Gift of time after school, NO committee meetings


-2nd grade Field Trip

-Katina Wright's baby shower, 3:00, library


-6 weeks progress reports distributed

-Please assist with decorating the gym after school for graduation event on the 16th.

-Robotics Club, 2:30-4:00


-1st annual Senior graduation, 7:30-8:30, Coach Anderson's gym

-Battle of the Books, 4th grade, 9:00, Library


-Battle of the books, 3rd grade

-4th grade Field trip

-Safety Patrol Rally, 9:45


-Happy Birthday Kate Smith!

-College T-shirt Day

-Books are due back to the library

-5th grade visit to Driscroll, 8:45-11:30

-Volunteer Tea Event, 1:00, Library

-Academic Committee Meetings, 3:00


-Elementary Track & Field, 4 & 5th


-Last day for CRMS verification

-Field Day!

-Reading Restaurant, 1st grade, 9:30

-Robotics Party, 2:30


-Robotics Challenge, Churchill HS


-Happy Birthday Jennifer Hoxie!

-District battle of the books here at Wetmore, 5:30, both gyms, cafeteria and the library and 1 5th grade classroom will be utilized.

-5th grade EOY of the party



-Summer Reading Event, Library


-Summer Reading Event, Library

-5th grade Field trip


-PTA Spirit Shop

-Kinder sing-a-long, 8:30 a.m.

-EOY GT meeting (S. Sauter)

-Fat Friday, provided by the office staff


City wide Bike Rodeo


-Memorial Day Holiday

Leaders of the past & present museum



-Happy Birthday George Roberts!

-Leaders of the past & present museum

-Summer safety & water fun!


-Happy Birthday Heather Knox!

-Last day of school!


-MacArthur Graduation