by: Mason Holton

The pig and the Bear

One day there was an innocent little pig named Sharkisha. He hopped around and was tired, so he went to rest in a cave. He did not know that it was Gucci Guwops the bear, the meanest bear that ever lived.

When the pig was ready to get up and go home he heard Gucci. The pig did not know what to do so he started to panic. The bear kept getting closer and closer and the pig had no idea what to do. Then he decided to play dead so the bear wouldn't notice him and just ignore him.

When the bear saw Sharkisha he decided to eat him because he was hungry and the pig could do nothing about it because he was acting dead. The bear knew he was not dead and that is why he ate him. The bear said that he just asked to leave and apologized to him for being in his cave he would have never ate him.