Department of Veterans Affairs

By: Marissa Johnstone && Caleb Heffner

Who works for that department...people (leader) and positions?

Robert A. McDonald was nominated by president Obama to serve as the eighth Secretary.

Sloan D. Gibson is the current united states deputy secretary of VA.

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When was Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) founded?

The DVA was founded July 21, 1930

What does the DVA do?

DVA is responsible for providing vital services to America's Veteran's. The VA provides health care services, benefit programs, and access to national cemeteries to former military personal and their dependents.

Benefit Programs:

Education and training: Getting through school

Vocational Rehabilitation: job training, employment accommodations, resume development, and job seeking skills coaching.

Home Loans: Service members, Veterans, and eligible surviving spouses become homeowners.

Life Insurance: VA provides valuable life insurance benefits to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is protected. VA’s life insurance programs were developed to provide financial security for your family given the extraordinary risks involved in military service

Pension Home: VA helps Veterans and their families cope with financial challenges by providing supplemental income through the Veterans Pension and Survivors Pension benefit programs.

When was Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) founded?

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