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Looking back while moving forward!

As we launch the first ask for funding to support the spOtOn/nSIGHTS project, we first want to thank - sincerely - our colleagues and peers who have helped vTapestry reach this critical milestone.

Over 30 'volunteers' have participated directly in the design of the spOtOn model and the development of the nSIGHTS module. To date, that adds up to well over 5 years of experience and expertise in far less than 3 years time. One simply cannot put a price on that deep commitment to helping educational professionals better help their students - today. You know who you are, so again... THANK YOU EACH!

The deeply-internalized ‘mantra’ that guides spOtOn that if that’s the way it’s usually done or been done before, we’re going down the wrong path for spOtOn. The conceptual design and practical implementation took a while to complete because it had to be right in every regard: audience needs, partner relations, organization limits, price points, system integration, and so on. That provided just enough time for the educational scene to accept emerging possibilities, like personalized learning networks (social media) and competency-based credentialing (digital badges) in professional development.

On the whole, our funding strategy is equally unique and similarly reaches across traditional boundaries to weave a vested system that will last over time. A stratified approach affords efficiency and allows flexibility. While the intellectual and managerial operational costs will be covered by large investments at the vTapestry level, there are project-specific design and programming costs across the spOtOn level. Nominal funding at the nSIGHTS level offers an opportunity to deeply engage the expert community of practice and helps to cover final production of the unique module components, the most basic expenses required for the public ‘debut’ of nSIGHTS. The really great news is that once nSIGHTS is rolled-out (built and released), it could (and should) take on an online life of its own with a revenue trickle to cover on-going delivery!

What we aim to do...

OUR audacious goal is to get the word about Vision Development beyond the clinical silos of optometry and into the practical hands of everyday educators. The plain facts driving nSIGHTS are that (A) teachers make good screeners and that (B) they are in a position to make simple changes that can make HUGE improvements in the learning environment.

Thanks to countless hours contributed by expert colleagues who believe in this important work, we have created the conceptual design and technical infrastructure needed to build a collaborative ecosystem in which lifelong learners can thrive. By teaming with expert clinical professionals in the field of vision development, we have captured the essence of what educational professionals need to know about vision and learning. So the design phase was completed in about 3 years, and with the introduction of nSIGHTS at the 43rd annual meeting of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development in Oct 2013, we started the build phase which will take us to the release phase targeted for Oct 2014.

So, Let's Build nSIGHTS - together!

We really do want you to become a part of our team in this immediate and most real way.

Please study and share the details of this campaign which are available at

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About us...

vTapestry creates and delivers innovative professional development products and services for a range of applications. Our vision is to support educational professionals in meeting the diverse challenges presented by a global community; our mission is to create and deliver high-quality professional development tools and resources to improve learner success. Far more than just another pretty website, the spOtOn model brings the best of the best together, teaming

  • to promote targeted information for teachers with free, online learning modules,
  • to cultivate ‘best practices’ through online summaries posted to and cross-linked with various websites, and
  • to support just-in-time answers to individual questions within a secure social network –
  • to realize real-world learning solutions that are shared by relevant social media.