Rainforest Rescue

GCSE Geography Battle for the biosphere

What is Rainforest Rescue?

Rainforest Rescue is a charity that non-profit organisation that is dedicated to helping to preserving rainforests and protecting their inhabitants. Since 1986 that they been interfering with business interests of timber, cattle and oil countries, western banks and corrupt Politian's. These companies make money quickly and they destroy rainforests and farmers and tribes are left without their livelihood. Without help, these tribes and farmers are often discriminated against because they are of ethnic minorities and they do not have the money to assert their rights

What do this charity do?

.They organise protests and email protests against rainforest destruction by loggers, oil or mining companies, flooding due to large dams being built and destruction of the rainforest for palm oil plantations to make biofuel

. They provide support to activist groups who are campaigning for forest destruction, human rights, social progress and sustainable development.

.Raising funding to buy rainforest property and financial support for legal measures.

. Helping work in Germany and how Western Europe is destroying the rainforest as well as naming causes and parties responsible for this

.Influencing activities of banks, companies and corporations

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"The tropical rainforest is an eternally green band that spans the Earth at the equator."