What Is Cancer?

by Brittney Barker


Let me start by telling you about 3 young kids that had cancer. they are very brave kids they fought through hard times. They are not different kids because that they had cancer they are normal kids just like us kids.Gabby had brain cancer, that means that she had tumors growing, and developing when they shouldnt have been.Alex and Evan had neuroblastoma which is a different type of cancer that is malignant tumor, that is made of neuroblast.
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The first child i will talk about is Alex she was 1 years old when she first had cancer. Alex had neuroblastoma,that is when you have a special type of tumors. she started to have trouble walking and had to go to the doctors. they said that she may never walk again. she started to end up crawling and everyone thought she would break the odds.
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will they make it

Alex, Gabby, and Evan did not make it. They all lasted a very long time, they were very strong. Alex did something good for other children that had cancer the same time she did she donated 2,000 dollars to her hospital. The other two were donated to, people gave their family money to help the children.
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In conclusion, the 3 kids are one of the strongest kids that i have ever read about. I am very glad that i got to learn about their conditions and struggles that they had to deal with. In my opinion i think that having a lemonade stand for other kids who may need surgeries done but don't have enough for them and for research is so special that she wants to do that. Evan and Gabby where having trouble dealing with cancer but they were strong to also have all these people donate money to them.

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