Wild party at Gatsby's mansion

What really goes on in the mansion?

Who is this mysterious Jay Gatsby?

Did he kill a man, was he a German spy, was he with the American army, or did he grow up in Germany?! So many rumors, so many people talking and we just want the truth. Well the truth is that the only thing anyone really knows about Jay Gatsby is that he throws great parties and that the only thing anyone knows is that he throws great parties. When will we know who he really is? When will Jay Gatsby get tired of all of the rumors? Time can only tell.

A party for fun? Or scandal? Is today's society all about lies and fun?

Alcohol, cheating, dancing, lies and law breaking. These parties are just a place for scandalous out goers to go all out. Gatsby is said to not even show his face, and if he does no one can tell which one is him. "He is an awful host" said an anonymous partier. But that doesn't seem to matter. When entering the doors if the magnificent mansion you are filled with the sensation of carefree fun and adventure. Looking all around all you see are smiles and laughter, with the occasional fight and scuffle between couples about the usual affair, cheating, and lying.

The largest group of people there are know as the American High society, this society is particularly screwed up. Walking around these parties believing they are above the law, that they walk on water and can do whatever they want. When they aren't happy they solve it with alcohol, lies and affairs. Is the society of this country going down hill fast?