Multilingual Mustangs

RCE EL Newsletter-February Edition

Our Purpose

To communicate up-to-date information and strategies on English Learner instruction with all stakeholders at Russell Cave Elementary.

Our Mission

Ensure a positive, all inclusive environment by providing our linguistically and culturally diverse students with research-based strategies, accommodations, and culturally responsive instruction to promote success in and out of the classroom.

EL Happenings and Celebrations

ACCESS Testing is underway!

Students have been hard at work taking the ACCESS test. Thank you teachers for your flexibility with schedules, the interruptions of pulling kids, and making adjustments for our students when we have not been available for co-teaching. You are the best! ACCESS testing will be wrapping up the middle of this month.

The Gift

If you few minutes to spare (we know what's that lol!) this a good reminder of the gift our wonderful EL students bring to our school each day! Instead of focusing on what EL students "can't do", let's focus on the amazing assets they have to offer our school and community. Let's take the rest of the school year to open our students gifts!
The Gift

EL Strategy Spotlight

Triangle, Circle, and Square

Click on the link below to watch the short video on the ELLevation website. All classroom teachers should be able to sign in to ELLevation using Google suite. If you have questions or experience trouble logging in, please reach out to your grade level EL specialist. Ellevation is a great resource to use as you plan!,-circle,-square

Passport Express-Let's Travel to Tanzania

Follow along as we explore the many different cultures represented within our school from around the world.

3 of our students were born in Tanzania (1.9%)

Tanzania Fun Facts:

*Official Name: United Republic of Tanzania

*Government: Republic

*Capitol: Dar es Salaam

*Population: 55,451,343

*Official Language: Kiswahili or swahili

*Money: Tanzanian shilling

Let's Explore:

Learn some incredible Facts about Tanzania
Meet Matheo from Tanzania - A day in his life

Helpful Resources

Big picture

Lau Plan

The Lau Plan is our district approved plan for English Learners. You can read the Lau Plan HERE. It is also located on the FCPS website under the English Learners Office tab. Translation for this document is available on the FCPS website in 6 of our most common languages.

4 Reading Strategies to Retire This Year (Plus 6 to Try Out!)

This article takes a look at a few popular literacy practices that shouldn’t make the cut—along with fresh strategies that experienced teachers and literacy experts recommend instead. Click HERE to read.