Poetry Anthology

By: Maci Elliott


Maci Elliott was born in Fort Worth, Texas where she loved to listen to her music as loud as she could. She began writing and drawing when she was in 8th grade when she started to learn more about life. She figured that she needed to let everybody feel the need to know what she was understanding about the world as she was growing up.

Where I'm From

I am from the old bats and gloves, from Easton and Mizuno.

I am from the red dirt that covers my face to make me look tanner than I already am.

I am from the clean white calla lilies, the walking stick tree that walks around the neighborhood at night when I’m alone.

I am from competitive game nights with my deranged family and faith that never leaves our souls, from Earlene and Jean and the shameless folks.

I am from the smart aleck's and practical jokers that never cease the moment to have a witty return.

From being told I could do anything that I wanted to do and to never quit on myself nor others when our minds have already departed from the task.

I am from his commitment for the sins I’ve made and the assurance from his own words about Heaven. Further description.

I'm from downtown where we go out late at night looking at the glorious city lights that make my heart content with the world, and the varieties of past that we make together and the homemade chicken noodle soup that heels us when are indisposed.

From the gigantic oak trees, the noiseless hummingbirds, and the fondness for the nature from Earlene made life even sweeter.

I am from the memories that come and stay in our lives forever until we are gone from the world.


My whole world froze when I was told

That you had passed. That I

Was never going to get to see you again.

The women that taught me everything;

From life lessons to the different kinds of

Trees and flowers and birds. My heart was

Literally in two pieces when I got the call from

My mother who was in so much pain.

It took 10 seconds to sink in and to feel real.

I couldn’t speak, I tried as hard as I could to

Get the words out but there was nothing…

The hours leading up to the funeral were

Brutal: up to packing for it to the 2 hour

Car ride. As soon as I got there I ran for my mother,

To hug and comfort her as she was comforting me.

After we stopped crying we headed for the funeral.

This took an hour. I was getting nervous.

We finally found the place where I was going to see her

For the last time forever. I walked into the room where

All of her pictures and flowers were to only break down.

I felt paralyzed. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak.

My family tried to get me out of there but there was no

Point of moving me; only because I knew that I

Wasn’t going anywhere for the rest of the day that turned into

Night. I stayed in that room until I was dragged out.


Gather the calla lilies while you may

Old times are still growing older

And the same flower stays

While tomorrow it'll be dying


Follow your own arrow

That leads the way to your own

Dreams. I used to not, when I didn’t

Know what to do anymore until I got the

Help from a special somebody in my life.

“Your arrow is yours and yours only.”

Your my anchor point for the ship that

I’ve been on my entire life. This ship can only go for

So long until I’ve reached my anchor point.

You’ve helped me make the decisions that

I couldn’t make without the help of

Still wanting to achieve my goal in the

Future. You’ve helped with not giving up

On myself during the hard times.

You’re my arrow.

You’re my favorite arrow.

Done to the high and lows that happen

To you while helping me.

You remind me of my heart.

They tell you to follow your heart, but

In reality your heart is also

Your arrow.

Extended Metaphor

I am like the sharp edge of the

Piece of broken glass that is

Transparent to the rest of the world.

That piece of glass that people

Think they can write on when it’s

Broken already. The broken piece of glass is

Broken because of people hurting and lying

To them constantly, telling them that

Everything is going to be ok and that

Everything will fix itself when it doesn’t.

The broken piece of glass. It’s sharp edge hurts others

But the piece of glass doesn’t know how it

Fix the hurt people, either with words

Or non-verbal communication or just being

There for them.

The broken piece of glass.


Give me all of your time

From making me happy and caring

You’ll be forever mine

I’ll be listening while you’ll be hearing

I want you to be the start of me

We know it’s bad for us but we like it

On those hot summer days we could be buzzing like bees

But you and I have to commit

To the relationship that will last forever

And to the troubles that may come with

We shall not forget our love whatsoever

Until death come into our lives after birth

As long as you love thee

As long as we’re together you have the key


My favorite poems from my anthology would have to be the Where I'm From and the Sonnet. Where I'm From is one of my favorites because it goes into detail about me and all the things that I like and what I have learned about myself and my family. The Sonnet is also my favorite because it expresses my feelings for somebody that I dearly love and adore