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What is Netiquette?

Netiquette is....

How to properly act when you are sending an email, in a chat room, or even social networking site like Facebook and Twitter. How we act in each area is different. We would send an email to a teacher or proffesor like we would to a parnet or friend. Here are a few rules to get you by.

1. Never use all capital letters. All capital letters is the same thing as you are yelling at an individual.

2. When send an email to a teacher or professor never use text acroymns or emotiocons ( i.e. LOL, ROFL or :) ). They are not approriate for those types of emails.

3. Always follow the Golden Rule. Just because you cannot see the person does not mean you can still say things that are mean and rude.

Here is a websitet that as a few more rules that should be followed

Netsmartz Kids

Bad Netiquette Stinks - - Christ MMA

Net Smatrz for Educators

If you are an educator and are looking for great material to help teach you students the importance of netiquette, and internet safety this is the sight for you.