Hammer Guard

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Hammer Safety

HammerGuard safety glove technology provides armor-like protection without sacrificing articulation or dexterity. A patented design with integral bio-hinge, the HammerGuard shields the index finger, forehand and thumb against impacts, cuts and more, while allowing the wearer to perform high dexterity work. This is safety working for you!

We use our hands constantly. A hand injury can impact not only your ability to perform your job, but daily routines as well. A hand injury can occur in a second, but the social, financial and emotional effects can last a lifetime. According to government and industry statistics, hand injuries represent nearly a third of all reported workplace incidents. Approximately 75 percent of industrial injuries that cause partial or permanent disability involve the hands.

Most injuries could be prevented by simply taking the time to use some type of hand protection. The HammerGuard is an armor reinforced glove designed to protect your hand in these situations while still providing the freedom of movement necessary to pick up nails and other tools.

Hammer Guard

The HammerGuard glove is used solely as additional protection of the hand. User recognizes that there are inherent risks associated with this activity and assumes full responsibility for personal injury and further releases and discharges HammerGuard Inc. for injury, loss or damage arising out of use of the HammerGuard.
Hammer Guard Safety Protection