Create a State Project

By. Ladeldric Marcus

Steps to enter the union

-The enabling act

-We had to ask congress for permission

-popular vote

Name of my state


The Year it was founded


Important facts

-The state population is 2.6 million

-The governor is Barrack Obama

-Our state bird is the alexandrine parakeet

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Joe Biden democrat party

Michael Bennett democrat party

House of Representatives members

4 members

Cool Facts

-Major exports are electronics & major imports are bread.

-We have professional football and basketball teams.

-The major river is called the merrow river and it goes from merrowfort to alabama

-We have 150 counties

-The largest city is sunsin

-Bordering state is Georgia

State Universities & colleges

We had three major universities: Merrowfort university,Merrow state,and Merrow A&M

We also have over 120 community colleges

State Nick name

Sunbeam because we import a lot of bread

State Motto

Live life to the fullest
Drake - The Motto Instrumental Feat. Lil Wayne *OFFICIAL* (DOWNLOAD LINK) CDQ