Famliy culture task

Home learning

Home learning

For home learning this week we had a culture task to do and we had to we also had to get are family to help us.


My family celebrates birthdays by baking cakes and getting us presents.

2. Are there any special days you celebrate as a family?

Know there are not.

3.. Why is it important to respect and remember our culture through art, stories, songs and dance?

That does not apply to are family.

4. What would it be like if we were all the same?

It would be boring,

5.What are the different ways people can tell the stories of their culture?

They can tell stories by dancing.

6.How does your family share your culture and beliefs?

we share it as a family.

7. Now after all this research and discuss finish the sentence: the word culture means. . . . . . . to me.

I think it means that people are different and the same.