Where Is Middle Earth?

Brazil, Obviously


The Amazon Rainforest is located in Brazil, along with the Amazon River. Brazilian culture is very like Portugese, as Brazil was colonized by Portugal. Therefore, most people in Brazil speak Portugese. There are many beautiful mountains in Brazil as well.


Because Brazil has such majestic mountains and valleys, it is a perfect fit for Middle Earth, the world of The Hobbit. The Mantiquira mountains could easily be the Misty Mountains. There are many underground caves and lakes, perfect for the goblin tunnels and Gollum's lake. Look at the pictures below for further detail and textual evidence.


Some may say that Brazil is not the best place for Middle Earth because of its lack of pine trees and a colder climate. However, the other features of Brazil overrule any discrepancies by their accuracy.
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In conclusion, Brazil is a great choice for Middle Earth because of its features. The mountains and valleys could easily be home to the wondrous creatures from the book.