Death Machine

Know as Komodo Dragon

Who is the Komodo Dragon

The Komodo is a killing master, this thing is massive with a poison bite. This is a fella you don't want to come face to face with. It will attack anything in it's path all though it doesn't prefer to eat peolpe. The Komodo Dragon lives on land but also can swim in shallow waters which makes it more successful in it's hunting.
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Where you find the Komodo

The Komodo Dragon lives on a small amount of islands in Indonesian. So first of all you don't want to go to Indonesian islands well of cores unless you want to take a 50% chance of getting eaten bye a Komodo Dragon.

Seeking Prey

The Komodo Dragon is a flesh ripping monster. Like I said the Komodo Dragon will eat anything it comes across such as wildebeest, Gazelles,Dears,wild pigs,Water Buffalos,Carrion,and even some of their own babies and other younger Komodo Dragons. Your probably thinking how can this lizard take down something down like a wildebeests when it's like half it's siz well I'll tell you. You now how I told you in my introduction that they had a poison bite. It sneaks up on it's prey and catches it bye surprise and sticks it's poison in to the prey with a crunch. So they can swim and they don't have webbed feat but some way some how they still manage to rule the shallow waters as well as the islands of Indonesia.
Swimming Komodo dragon in Indonesia
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Komodo Dragon attacking a deer.

Amazing Facts

The average female Komodo dragon lives half of the life time of the male Komodo and average female lives 31 and the average male Komodo lives around 62. The Komodo dragon has holes on the side of there head for ears. They are also brown and grayish with ruff scaly skin. One fun fact is that a stay at home cat has a stronger bite than a Komodo dragon the Komodo dragon just has a poisonous bite and that is why it is more successful. It's also is the most powerful and larges lizard in the world. You might think the Komodo has no teeth but they actually have up to 60 teeth and every time they fall out they get another and another and another and another and another set of teeth.
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