The Growth Mindset Coach

Annie Brock and Heather Hundley

Book Study

Our next meeting will be on March 21.

* Read pages 95 - 144

Ideas to consider while reading?

When looking at offering challenging work, how do you personally see the notion of equity versus equality? Is this in-line with the authors thinking?

How does personalized learning fit it to this puzzle?

What is one new idea or learning you have gained as a result of these chapters?

What are some thoughts about praises that you have had? Do you see this as a personal change or a refinement?

"A Goal with out a Plan is just a wish" How do we help students make a plan and have the grit to work through the plan?

Pick one of the book, songs, or video clips that resonates with you? Why do you like it? Are there any you don't like? Why? If you were going to choose one to share with students, which would it be and why?