Fordland R-III School District

August 2020 Newsletter

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Reentry Plan Update

Fordland Families,

I want to take time to thank you for trusting us with your most precious possession, your children. We at the Fordland School District take pride in providing safe and secure schools, provide a high-quality teaching and learning environment, and a strong bond with the

students of the school district. We are excited to welcome all students back for the 20-21 school year!

The Fordland School District has taken steps to prepare for the health, wellness, and safety for students and staff as we start school on August 24, 2020. As we plan for a school year likely to be continuously impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the priorities we hold are:

  • Providing environments that are as safe as possible for students, staff and community;

  • Providing equitable, guaranteed, and viable education.

We know during this time of concern families are worried about the reentry plan for the district. The district has provided a reentry plan that will help guide families and the school district as we move forward into the school year. Since Webster County still has active COVID-19 cases, the school district will enter on LEVEL 2 of the reentry plan to start the school year.

  • LEVEL 2: Seated School with Health Precautions: All classes will take place in school buildings. Extra cleaning and safety protocols for staff and students will be followed. There are restrictions on parents, visitors, and volunteers in the building. PPE may be required for students and/or staff members.

  • K-12 students and bus drivers will be required to wear masks while on the school bus to and from school.

  • Parents are encouraged to drop off/pick up students to decrease the number of students on the school bus.

  • K-5 students will not be required to wear a face covering due to cohorting of elementary classes, but the use of a PPE will be strongly encouraged.

  • 6-12 Students will be required to wear a face covering during non-social distancing situations, but the use of a PPE will be strongly encouraged for all events and/or activities.

    • If they are moving or in a small group setting, they need to wear a face covering.

      • Mask

      • Shield

      • Gator

      • Face Cover

  • Staff - Mask or face shield will be required outside of direct instruction in the classroom (10 feet or less)

  • All students will be screened for elevated temperature as the enter the building

As we move forward into the school year, the Fordland School District will continue to focus on the health, wellness, and safety. We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the reentry plan and we will continue to “love thy neighbor” during this school year.

It will be a great year to be an EAGLE!

Dr. Ford

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Fordland FEMA Saferoom

Spring Weather is upon us and the Early Childhood Center FEMA Safe-Room is available to anyone in the tornado protection zone whenever the weather turns.

During non-school hours (before 7:45 AM and after 3:30 PM) the operations of the Safe Room will depend on the assistance from the key personnel as outlined below.

School staff members are assigned are on-call for after school hours when the National Weather Service is predicting severe weather. Those responsible for acting as the Field Manager(s), Assistant Field Manager(s), Equipment Manager and Assistant Equipment Manager(s) will perform the same duties as outlined above. When a tornado watch is issued the designated safe room area will be cleared if necessary and readied for occupancy by the public. When a tornado warning is issued (tornado sirens activated) by the Webster County Emergency Management Director, the Safe Room will be opened for surrounding residents within the TPZ (tornado protection zone) to seek shelter in the Safe Room.

After the tornado event is over the Site Manager will activate the remaining operation team members and their duties will commence as necessary as outlined above.