Teespoon Updates

Introducing the future of high end licensed shirts!!

Check out a few of our new designs!

Tri-blend shirts are selling like crazy and customers love them. Finally

LICENSED TEES for the picky clothing buyer. This opens a wide range of

Facebook targeting and advertising opportunities. Retailers like Urban

Outfitters along with brands like Diesel, Super Dry and All Saints are making

a KILLING retailing stylish tees to a savvy, higher income consumer who

shops mainly online and depends on social media to find cool things they

stores mostly online and depends on social media to find cool things they

would like.

Higher Priced Items that you can target to Higher End Buyers = Higher Payouts

Tri-Blend Release

Over the next few weeks, Teespoon will be introducing over 4000 new tri-blend designs for a range of existing licenses as well as adding 8 NEW fantastic licenses that we will be now offering with our tri-blend release.. with our first release happening later today!



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Teespoon is proud to announce Tri-Blend T-Shirts!

These shirts are a 50% poly / 25% cotton / 25% rayon blend for unmatched

softness and maximum comfort! Teespoon now offers the same high quality

material found on expensive designer t-shirts in trendy stores and boutiques

that sell at $40-$50 to a more fashionable, higher end clothing buyer.. These

buyers want a few nice tshirts for their collection and will pay a premium for

higher quality more comfortable threads.