Tech. TidByte

Dickinson High School

Technology Integration at DHS

Hello! For those of you that don't know me, my name is Caroline Lightfoot. I work with Instructional Technology, and I will be on campus Monday through Thursday every week. I look forward to being at DHS this year, and I know you will keep me busy! I'll likely have my quota of steps in by 9:00 am. :)

While I am aligned with the technology department, please realize that my role is on the more instructional side. In other words, printers and your computer not turning on are not my forte. Larry Smith is on campus three days a week to help with things like that. However, helping you with technology integration lessons is my area of expertise, like Google Classroom, Eduphoria Forethought, and BYOD.

I can be reached at x6115,, and you are also welcome to schedule time with me at Anything in blue is available. I will be sharing a work space with Cara Reyes in N237.

Online Textbooks & Digital Resources

Please see the below links for more information on digital resources and textbooks for your subject area. You can find login information for yourself and your students here. I'm still working on a few more, but feel free to reach out to me if something is not listed here that you would like to access.

Instructional Technology Professional Development

Every month, we hold district level technology professional development. We do one session on Google and another on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Because we are limited on the number of student devices available, we keep this in mind when planning to have realistic activities you can take back to your classroom. New sessions will be added for next semester as well.

Additionally, I will be available every Thursday after school from 2:45 - 3:30 in Computer Lab D103 (tentatively, I'll let you know if the room changes) to assist teams and teachers with implementing Forethought Lesson Plans. Forethought works well if you are able to attend as a team, though that is not a requirement to attend.

On the first Tuesday of each month, if we are not offering district wide sessions, I will bring in experts to help with Skyward.

On other Tuesdays that we are not offering district sessions at the Technology Showcase Room, I'll offer Google Overview sessions and help. Please bring or have access to materials you would like to use with your students. All sessions will be entered in Eduphoria.