Kountry Karnival 2019 Edition

Trojan Times October 9, 2019

Kountry Karnival 2019 a Huge Success!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers, friends, and families who came out to support SMG and whose efforts and attendance at Kountry Karnival 2019 made the event such a huge success! We would especially like to recognize our development coordinator, Mrs. Cathy Souders, for stepping in and unofficially chairing the event. Her efforts and organization helped orchestrate a well-run Karnival. As well, a huge thank you to Mr. Mark Tompkins and Mr. Chuck Cottingham for jumping in as Food Chairs; Mr. David Tompkins, Jesse & Olivia Bradley and their crew for organizing set-up and take-down; and Mrs. Laura Perez for her hard work making sure everyone had what they needed and rallying the troops; Mrs. Sophie Barnes for her guidance and support; and to our chairpersons listed below who contributed in countless ways to make it a great weekend!

  • Entertainment Chair: Mrs. Timberlake
  • Trade/Craft Show: Valerie Ahmed
  • Games: Rosalinda Gloria and Maricela Barretto
  • Operations: Phil Brady and Victor Mawengkang
  • Parking: Ana Nieves and Ariana Almaraz
  • Raffle: Selina Glover
  • Trash & Recycle: Ana Nieves
  • Prizes: Maria Castillo Vega
  • Nursery: Nadia Val & Elizabeth Sandate
  • First Aid: Sue Rycroft
  • Set-Up/Take-Down: Jesse and Olivia Bradley
  • Donations: Alex Massengale & Cathy Souders
  • Signage: Liz Amorella & Renee Sferra
  • Bake Sale/Cake Walk: Stacey Woodside & Librada Madrid
  • Book Nook: Sean & Lindsay Hayward
  • Fun Run: Mandi Meurer & Ellen Gutierrez
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Fun Run 2019

Fun Run Chairpersons: Mandi Meurer & Ellen Gutierrez

Kountry Karnival Food Booths

Food Booths:

  • Asian Booth: Crystal Tran & Ana Nguyen
  • BBQ Booth: Nieves Barraza
  • German Booth: Matt Lester & Kelly Schmidt
  • American Booth: Richard Becker
  • Afro-Carribean Booth: Atabong Fonkeng & Ernst Val
  • Japanese Booth: Tommy Le
  • Mexican Booth: Theresa De Alva & Martha Zavala
  • Cotton Candy Booth: 8th Grade Students
  • Drinks: Fumi Family
  • Soda Fountain: Theresa Tran & Stephanie Mai
  • Knights of Columbus: Brad Maunders

Kountry Karnival Games & Activities

Games & Activity Leaders:

  • Leap Frog: Mark Hoffer and Boy Scouts
  • Plinko: Brent Boyea
  • Bingo: Sally Venegas
  • Duck Pond: Michael & Linda Villa
  • Whatchamacallit: Andres and Karla Diaz
  • Fish Pond: Sonia Garcia & Ashley Kelley
  • Strike Three: Monica Moreno
  • Coin Pitch: Amanda Coello and American Heritage Girls
  • Wampum Darts: Sean Moran
  • Cub Scout Outhouse: Emily Breclaw
  • Jail: Andrea & Don Proctor
  • Face Painting: Amy Boyea, Claudia Clark, and SMG Cheerleaders
  • Confetti Eggs: Nicole Hoang
  • Hair Painting: Christy Brady

Other Kountry Karnival Events & Activities

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