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A NEW ERA: Monthly Family Programming

Beginning the 2017-18 school year, Spruce Run Environmental Study Center will be hosting FREE family weekend programming for all CCS staff, students and their families. Programming will occur on the second Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m.

until 2:00 p.m. For your family's convenience, programming will follow an "open house" format so you can come and go through the day as you please. Some programs will state specific times for certain activities that will happen during that particular day. Occasionally, you may be asked to sign up for an activity to ensure we don't run out of supplies. See details of programming below. ALL PROGRAMS WILL HAPPEN RAIN, SNOW or SHINE.


What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science is the public's involvement in inquiry and discovery of new scientific knowledge. A citizen science project, can involve one person or millions of people collaborating towards a common goal. Typically, public involvement is in data collection, analysis, or reporting. When our students visit Spruce Run from November 11th through April 13th they will spend time in our animal observation area and participate in collecting data for Project FEEDERWATCH.

What is Project FEEDERWATCH?

Project FeederWatch is a winter-long survey of birds that visit feeders at backyards, nature centers, community areas, and other locales in North America. FeederWatchers periodically count the birds they see at their feeders from November through early April and send their counts to Project FeederWatch @ Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Why count birds?

The massive amounts of data collected by FeederWatchers across the continent help scientists understand

  • long-term trends in bird distribution and abundance
  • the timing and extent of winter irruptions of winter finches and other species.
  • expansions or contractions in the winter ranges of feeder birds
  • the kinds of foods and environmental factors that attract birds
  • how disease is spread among birds that visit feeders

Why do we want our students involved?

Because SPRUCE RUN is designed to connect students with nature and science in a very tangible way. We believe It will help engage our students in the excitement of nature study and the wonder of scientific investigation by

  • encouraging careful observation and note-taking
  • stimulating children to ask questions about the natural world
  • encouraging independent study
  • providing opportunities for meaningful Internet use and exploration

Teacher Information about Project FEEDERWATCH

Teachers if you have a field trip scheduled between November 11- April 13 it is an expectation that one our your stations be collecting data for Project FEEDERWATCH.

Please teach your students how to count birds before they come to Spruce Run so they can spend more time counting and observing. See handbook link below for details. https://feederwatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Handbook.pdf

Please teach them how to use the tally sheet. See tally sheet link below for details.
https://feederwatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/TallySheet.pdfShort video about

Please show your students this short introductory video about Project: FEEDERWATCH

Fifth Graders are on "Safari" at Spruce Run: Using Trail Cameras for Data Collection

The Columbus Zoo’s Classroom Safari program is partnering with Spruce Run to advance and encourage science learning with fifth grade students, helping them understand and internalize science as part of their everyday experiences. Classroom Safari consists of three components: monthly, hour-long classroom visits from the Zoo’s Education staff and animal ambassadors incorporating lessons and hands-on activities; a family day at the Columbus Zoo; two field trips to Spruce Run.

During their visits to Spruce Run students are utilizing their interactive science notebooks to enhance their learning about biotic and abiotic factors in the environment and how these factors are interconnected. Students are also given the opportunity to explore nature in the hopes of building lifelong conservation action. The final project of Classroom Safari is to have each classroom ask a question and then design an experiment using trail cameras. These trail cameras will be placed around the Spruce Run property. Students will then critically look at the Spruce Run environment vs. their school yards and come up with suggestions for creating better ecosystems at their own school. The culmination of this program is that each class will then submit their final report to the zoo. This report will include their testable question that each class created, their hypothesis, methods, results, and a discussion category. In turn, the zoo will publish all lab reports into a magazine type format and give one to each student. The magazine will include students art work as well as graphs and charts showing their data collection. The Columbus Zoo and Spruce Run is partnering together to make sure that key science concepts are being taught as well as ensuring that the students are thinking critically and problem solving throughout.

Ashland Course: Understanding the Philosophy of Experiential Learning

The class is designed with middle school teachers in mind and will be practical as well as thought provoking. We will explore the underlying theoretical elements of the philosophy of experiential education and utilize specific activities in enhancing experiential learning opportunities for students. Keeping a personal reflection journal is a key component of this course. The required textbook is 147 Practical Tips For Using Experiential Learning.

The course will begin in late January and posted on CiMS when we return from winter break. if you have questions about the course contact Geri Granger at ggranger9556@columbus.k12.oh.us

Art Teachers: Help Spruce Run "Rock"

The project is a simple one. Its meant to brighten the day of a stranger while spreading random acts of kindness through art in hopes of creating community bonding and unity. This project is meant for people of all ages to use their imagination and creativity to design and paint rocks and then release those rocks back into the world for another to find. I found this rock today, and it BRIGHTENED MY WHOLE DAY. Let's continue to spread kindness. Art teachers help your students, paint a rock, bring it to Spruce Run and hide it in plain sight for someone to find.

Field Trips

The calendar is filling up fast so book your date now.

Contact Geri Granger via cell 614.286.9494 or email ggranger9556@columbus.k12.oh.us

Spruce Run Handbook can be found on the Science Department's website. http://www.ccsoh.us/sprucerun.aspx

Reservation forms can now be sent directly to SPRUCE RUN via school mail, route 3.

Donations Still Needed For The Boot Barn

We now have a "Boot Barn" at Spruce Run. The barn is located on the main pathway heading towards the creek. This storage barn is filled with all of our "creeking equipment".

Inside you will find boots, dipping nets, kick nets, buckets and small plastic aquariums.

If you have any rain boots or hip waders that your family has outgrown, small plastic aquariums, or small aquarium nets we would appreciate it greatly if you would consider donating them to us. Contact Geri Granger, ggranger9556@columbus.k12.oh.us.

Volunteers Needed

Become a volunteer. All you need is an enthusiasm for Columbus City Schools, a willingness to learn and a desire to share with others! Volunteer hours are flexible and will depend on your chosen job area(s). No previous training is needed: training programs will be provided.

Currently we need volunteers in the following areas:

Office: answer telephone, filing, organizing supplies for school group activities

Horticulture: working in the greenhouse, raised bed, landscaping maintenance

Naturalist: sharing your personal "Nature Hobby" such as birding or rock collecting with student groups

Maintenance: general upkeep of the buildings and grounds

Scout Specialist: working with troops, or individual scouts on badges, scouting projects and volunteering opportunities at Spruce Run

Contact Geri Granger for more information: ggranger9556@columbus.k12.oh.us

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