Eric Legrand

The Recovery

The Eric LeGrand Story- 2012 ESPY (HD)

Espy's Video

This is a video from the Espy's Award Ceremony. It is a video told from Eric Legrand's point of view on his injury. It highlights what he felt when he was injured and the details of his injury. He explains his hope and his goals that can truly inspire people.

His Goals

He wanted to breathe at his own pace again, and he has already achieved this. He wanted to regain feeling in other parts of his body. It was announced on January 6, 2011 that he had regained movement in his shoulders, and he could now feel sensation throughout his body. This marked a huge step towards his recovery. His ultimate goal is to walk again. He wants to return to the field where he was injured, lay down, get up, walk off the field, and finish the play that ended his career. As he chases this goal, he also is working to inspire people of all ages, in any condition, giving them the hope and courage they need to meet their goals and push themselves to do great things.
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"I already know what I'm going to do. I'll go to Giants Stadium and find the exact spot in the field where I went down. I'll lie there for a second. And then I'll get up on my own power and walk away."