Ms. Rivera's Bulldog Times

December 14th-18th

Skills at a glance

This week’s sight words: go, with

Please continue to review: am, little, I, the, is, see, a, to, me, from, on, can, my, like, we, be, here, and, have, it in, get, for, by, he, look, she, said

Reading: We are continuing our Gingerbread Man Unit. Students have been comparing/contrasting gingerbread stories. They have also been identifying the characters, setting, and plot.

Writing: Narrative writing/journals

Science: My 5 Senses

Social Studies: Holiday Customs, Time for Kids

Math: Topic 14- Identifying and describing shapes


-This week is Winter spirit week!

Monday, December 14th: Winter Hat Day

Tuesday, December 15th: Winter Sock Day

Wednesday, December 16th: Winter Team Day

Thursday, December 17th: Winter Shirt/Sweater Day

Friday, December 18th: Winter Colors Day

- It would also be helpful for your students to have an extra pair of socks, pants, and underwear in their backpack (labeled). During these winter months, snow pants do not always hold up, and a change of clothes is helpful. Thanks!