Timeline of the 1990's

By: Bailey Rogers

Saddam Hussein

In the month of August and the year of 1980 the dictator of Iraq Saddam Hussein claimed that the oil-rich country Kuwait was actually part of Iraq. Saddam Hussein army invaded the country of Kuwait and soon after headed towards Saudi Arabia.

Operation Desert Storm

On the date of January, 16,1991 George Bush who was president at the time ordered a big air assault on Iraq. This attack was named Operation Desert Storm, which was one of the first Persian Gulf Wars. By the time February came around Bush had called a cease-fire. This operation was over and Kuwait was liberated.

Famine in Somalia

This was another concern for President George Bush. With help from the United Nations, the United States was able to help other countries that were suffering from a lack of water and a lack of food supply.


Our state of North Carolina was at front in the controversy as the General Assembly made a few attempts to add a new 12th Congressional district following the 1990 census. Each and every time the district was turned down by the courts and North Carolina came up with a workable plan.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act prevents discrimination when hiring and promoting of handicap people. This act also does include people who are HIV positive.

27th Amendment

The 27th amendment was passed on May 22, 1992. The amendment prohibited congress from giving itself a pay raise in its current term. So from there on if congress votes for a pay raise it does not come into play until the next congressional election.


The United States, Canada, and Mexico all signed the NAFTA. There were both good and bad parts of this treaty. Labor argued that workers would be hurt by the treaty. Farmers also didn't like the NAFTA. The NAFTA is still being debated upon today.

Brady Bill

President Bill Clinton was a huge supporter of the Brady Bill. The Brady Bill was named after James Brady. This law was passed by congress and forced citizens of the United States to have a federal mandate to get back round checks before they can buy a gun.

Newt Gingrich

Clinton ran for reelection and won against the republican candidate Robert Dole. Although the republicans did take control of congress. Newt Gingrich became the Speaker of House, and him and other republicans made a deal with americans to cut taxes, set term limits, and balance the federal budget.

Impeachment of President Clinton

President Bill Clinton would face the hardest time of his career during his trial of impeachment. He was put onto trial after being accused of an affair with a White House intern. During further questioning Clinton denied any affair with her. Clinton was forced to admit to the allegations.