News from the Superintendent

Barnegat Township School District Quarterly Newsletter

The Barnegat Schools Family

Often, when a message goes to parents via School Messenger from me, I will use the phrase the "Barnegat Schools Family." This is reflective of the amazing relationships we have as a district. In the last six years I have observed many remarkable relationships in our school community. These have been fostered by parents and teachers, students and coaches, volunteers and administrators - all working collaboratively to positively influence our schools. I am grateful for the opportunity to remain at the helm of the district, observing growth each day.

There is another way we are a family. It is important for our district to embrace our allum students in many different ways. One of the ways we have supported our BHS, ROBMS, or even Edwards graduates is to keep them in the family by giving them the opportunity to further support our students. Who better to support our current students than those who walked the halls as students themselves. Here is a list of graduates of one of our Barnegat Schools who are currently working in our schools and in what capacity:

Staff Member School Attended Position

Kevin Peters BHS BHS Media Tech

Keri Seidenfaden CSCS, ROBMS, BHS Secretary

Ryan Houlahan LMDS, ROBMS, BHS BHS Teacher

Kristen Blasi ROBMS BHS Teacher

Chip Junker LMDS, CSCS BHS Teacher

James Markey ROBMS BHS Teacher

Dina Arguello LMDS, CSCS BHS Teacher

Andrew Villiez LMDS, ROBMS, BHS BHS Teacher

Chip Junker LMDS, CSCS BHS Teacher

Paul Covine CSCS, ROBMS BHS Teacher

Melissa Lombardi BHS BHS Teacher

James Rivers BHS BHS Coach

Ryan McLaughlin BHS BHS Coach

Thomas Eckhardt ROBMS Coach

Michelle Lombardi BHS CSCS LTS


Jackie Fitzmaurice Edwards, ROBMS, BHS CSCS Teacher

Jennifer Froehlich CSCS, ROBMS CSCS Teacher

Jenna Snell CSCS, ROBMS CSCS Teacher

Jaclyn Fitzpatrick CSCS, ROBMS CSCS Teacher

Jocelyn Jorgensen Edwards, ROBMS CSCS Teacher

Suzanne Dragocvic LMDS, ROBMS CSCS teacher

Frank Ciraulo BHS BHS Custodian

Gerard DelGuidice BHS BHS Custodian

Sandi Altomare CSCS District

Chris Decicco BHS Grounds

Lauren O'Brien CSCS, ROBMS Guidance Supervisor

Dawn Wright LMDS, CSCS JTDS Teacher


Danielle Peregman LMDS, ROBMS LMDS Teacher

Mike Viliez RLHS RLHS Teacher

Karen Beverley Edwards RLHS Teacher

Amy Helm CSCS, ROBMS RLHS Teacher

Kaitlyn Odgers CSCS, ROBMS, BHS RLHS Teacher

Jen Lane LMDS, CSCS RLHS Teacher

Hande Drexler CSCS RLHS Teacher

John Pandolfo ROBMS ROBMS Teacher

Mike Palmieri ROBMS ROBMS Teacher

Tara Gianni CSCS, ROBMS ROBMS Teacher

Donna Hetherington LMDS, CSCS ROBMS Teacher

Jill Spain LMDS ROBMS Teacher

Erin Connors LMDS, ROBMS ROBMS Teacher

Kevin Karp District Teacher Trainer

Heather McKenna BHS Volunteer Coach

Sharyn Moran BHS Volunteer Coach

Chris Stanton BHS Volunteer Coach

Mila Gonzales BHS Volunteer Coach/Sub Teacher


End 2016 with Reflection, Begin 2017 with Promise

Barnegat Township School District Unveils New Website for the New Year

On January 1, 2017, the Barnegat Township School District will unveil it's new website. There were several important factors that went into the development of the new website. I created a survey that went to the community that identified the following items as top priorities : district calendar, parent portal, and individual school calendars. Other items of priority were email addresses, school access, teacher pages and homework. On the district's homepage many of you requested a list of upcoming events, Board of Education meeting dates, curricular revisions/updates, and links to district social media sites.

With that information in mind, I created an in-district committee to identify a new vendor and began building the site. All district administrators including principals, supervisors, and directors were a part of the website review. There was also teacher/secretary representation as well as a member of the Board of Education. The next step in the process was content migration. This process was truly a team effort. We do not have one webmaster for the Barnegat Township School District. Therefore webpage updates are shared by nearly everyone in the district. Certain tasks are delegated to Web Managers in our schools and departments. Templates were created by me to keep all school sites consistent with the district site. Teachers, secretaries, web managers and staff are all busily working to create or recreate their web pages now to prepare for January.

January 1, 2017 will be the first day that you are able to access the new site. Keep in mind that over the Winter Break, portions of the site will not be accessible and information may be incorrect. Below is a preview photo of what you might see on our website. The new look is clean, streamlined, uncluttered and accessible.

Big image

End 2016 with Reflection, Begin 2017 with Promise

It is the time of year when we reflect on the past and look toward the future. I encourage you to take a moment to consider the successes we have had as a district and ponder challenges as well. What can we do to have a better 2017? What will we be committed to as we begin another chapter in Barnegat?

As Superintendent, I encourage to you share with us how we can further improve as a district. Although our community, schools, and families face challenges, the power is in the opportunity to grow and come together.

I am very excited about new programs, opportunities, and initiatives for our students. My next newsletter will focus on an outstanding partnership with the U.S. Army that will provide FREE support for all student from at risk children to our highest achievers as well as curricular support and enhancement in many areas of the district.