Eliminating E.Coli

Help dispose of E.Coli, while having a blast.

E.Coli currently on the uprise of infecting mass quantities of out to eaters.

Recent studies are proving the fact of infections due to E.coli bacteria is on the rise; quickly as well.

While my plan to eliminate this deadly bacteria is simple, other idealist and I find it humorous. As we think it will be a huge influence on personal hygiene.

The Proposition

In every restaurant affected by this virus, list the symptoms of the bacteria.

People will have an awakening of what they do not want to have to cope with, eventually leading them to cleaning up almost 50% better than they would unconsciously.

Also putting pictures up (in the restroom) of people pooping. Studies show pictures influence peoples decisions twice as much than hearing or reading statistics.

Leaders in the program.





Guaranteed to have 46% cleaner hands by the transmit of restaurant.

Frequently asked questions.

"Have you tested this process?"

"What will the restaurant think of these pictures in their bathroom?"

"Is this acceptable for every type of person?"

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