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Which Colony settled here and why

It was the Spanish explorer who found Georgia, but back then called it Spanish as Guale. Then the British came into the picture, lead by King George III and took the land from the Spanish. And named it was is called till the day Georgia. The reason the British came here is because they wanted to find gold, which they did.
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Hop, skip and a jump

Location and Physical Geography

Georgia is located in the southeastern United States. Georgia has a costal border on the Atlantic Ocean. This will help with trade when to heavy for other transportation options. Georgia has some great locations but the best is the Piedmont. It is home to most of Georgia's population. This is a great area to grow cotton and make a lot of money off it. Also agriculture is significantly high here, but animal products are also high such as poultry, eggs, and beef.
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Colony, Religion, colonial government, and trade

The colony of Georgia was one of the original 13 colonies. Georgia was named after the King. Georgia is not dominated by a certain type of religion which gives way to religious freedom. Georgia's government is governed by a Royal Colony. We trade cash crops like tobacco, cotton, rice, dye, lumber, furs and farm products.
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Major Events

In 1673 there was a fort built by the Spanish on St. Catherines Island. Later the English attacked that fort and the Spanish had to abandon their plan to attack it. In 1721 the British built Fort King George settlement. And in 1732 Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe.

Important People

A very important person is James Oglethorpe because he is the one that founded Georgia. Also, Robert Castell (he was James' friend) told James Oglethorpe to set the prisoners free. Finally, King George II he granted a charter for creating Georgia.
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In conclusion

Georgia is a very unique place to be!! I'm not trying to force you to come here, but just letting you know that you are missing a great experience if you don't even visit Georgia. So on you next adventure bring you and your family to Georgia!! Some people may say do it before it's to late, but Georgia isn't going nowhere so take your time!!
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