Show Choir Auditions

Thursday, May 28th & Friday, May 29th

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Top 10 Reasons to Join Show Choir:

10. Everybody loves you and you're accepted from day 1

9. Learn teamwork, dedication, and focus

8. Make great friends that become your family

7. Sing lots of great songs

6. It's a fun way to express yourself

5. Make people smile & serve your community

4. Get a great workout every week

3. Be a part of something bigger than yourself

2. Show off the talent you didn't know you had


Thursday, May 28th, 3pm to Friday, May 29th, 4:30pm

Edison High School Auditorium

Vocal Auditions: Thursday 5/28 & Friday 5/29 - Sign up for a 5 minute time slot

Dance Auditions: Thursday 5/28 6:00-7:00pm - For everyone who is auditioning

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