Springman 6th Grade Band

Special Update!

6th Grade Lessons will ALL be on Wednesday, 3/23

Due to our recruitment assemblies (see below), all 6th Grade lessons will be taking place on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23rd.

As always, please let me know of any issues. Please be prepared to perform "Rhapsody in Blue" at 75 bpm!

Please attend at the following times:

8:30 AM - Disco Flutes and Disco Oboes

9:00 AM - Genesis Flutes

9:30 AM - Disco Clarinets and Disco Saxophones

10:00 AM - Genesis Clarinets and Genesis Saxophones

11:45 AM - Disco Trumpets

12:15 PM - Genesis Trumpets

1:30 PM - All 6th Grade Horns

2:00 PM - All 6th Grade Trombones

2:30 PM - All 6th Grade Percussion

5th Grade Recruitment Assemblies

Our WONDERFUL 6th grade band will be performing at the 5th grade recruitment assemblies on Thursday, March 24th.

In order to give our incoming 5th graders the FULL music experience, 6th grade band students will need to arrive to school IN FULL BAND UNIFORM (red polo, black socks, black shoes, and black pants). Absolutely NO athletic pants and NO athletic shoes/boots. Flats are fine for ladies.

**Students who chose not to follow the uniform protocol will wear an old, gross, stinky loaner uniform. Dress appropriately, please!**

Student speakers will receive their parts on Wednesday during lessons.

Here is the timeline for Thursday, March 24th:

  • After morning announcements, report to the band room in FULL UNIFORM (we will perform until 9:30 AM then return to class)
  • Report back to the band room at 11:45 AM for our second performance (we will perform until 12:45 PM then return to class)