Cycle 1 Great Artists

version 1

Week 13 - Giotto

Materials- Egg tempura paint using egg yolk and crushed chalk pastels/powdered tempera paint, applied with small brushes on ceramic tiles. Tablecloths. Small cups. Pencils. Paper towels.

Style - Religious subjects...cathedral, angels, crosses, stained glass windows

Procedure -

  1. Draw a design on ceramic tile with pencil.
  2. Beat egg yolk with 2 tsp. water until frothy.
  3. Mix egg with crushed chalk/powdered tempera of equal proportions to egg mixture in small cup.
  4. Students paint design on ceramic tiles using egg paint.

    Notes - Students may paint a second coat for darker color. Please rinse brushes thoroughly. Cover tables.

Week 14 - Ghiberti

Materials- thin cardboard pieces (approx 5X7), aluminum foil, glue stick, q-tips and pencil erasers, foam stickers/Sharpie markers and tablecloths (for younger students), air dry clay and gold spray paint (for older students), Wikki stix opt.

- Old and New Testament scenes on bronze relief; known for doors (14 scenes)

Procedure - Relief design on thin cardboard
  1. Use foam stickers, a clay design, or another option to make a form on the cardboard.
  2. Cover cardboard with glue stick and aluminum foil. Glue foil around edges of cardboard.
  3. Press around foil with q-tip and pencil designs for more carved detail.
  4. Color with Sharpies or spray with gold spray paint outside.

Notes - If you choose Sharpies, please cover tables. Cardboard is cut up recycled cereal boxes. Let me know which method you prefer in advance. Foam stickers are Noah's Ark theme.
C1W14 Ghiberti_Final Project Choice

Week 15 - Angelico

Materials- Cardstock, traced stencil for first name, pencils, crayons (or you may provide your own oil pastels), gold paint, brushes, water, small cups, tablecloth

Style - Illuminated letters using gold leaf substitute

Procedure -

  1. Each student will use the pre-stenciled first letter of their first name, drawing around it in the style of an illuminated letter (adding elements to describe themselves or another design).
  2. Students color the design with crayons (or oil pastels), leaving specific parts with no color.
  3. Paint gold paint on sections with no color. Paint will resist the crayon. Let dry.

Notes - Paint should wipe easily off tables. Please rinse brushes.

Week 16 - Durer

Materials- foam, pencils, design option, gold tempera paint, brayer (roller), cookie sheet to hold paint, cardstock, tablecloth, paper towels, Sharpies/markers (opt)

Style - Printmaking. Ideas are: to incorporate a volcano, a map of Africa, leaves, an animal, or another design. Students may print the entire piece with the foam, or draw something on cardstock first and cover it with the print on the foam.

Procedure -

  1. Decide on a design before class. Students draw the design onto the foam with a pencil. (If tracing a map, be sure to trace the back so the map isn't printed in reverse. If printing onto a drawing, have students draw onto cardstock first and trace lines with Sharpies or markers.)
  2. Squeeze gold paint into the cookie sheet.
  3. Roll the brayer in the paint and then lightly roll over the foam design.
  4. Press the painted foam onto the cardstock.
  5. Repeat as desired.

Notes - We will need to share this between all 6 classes. You will have 25 minutes for the project - please be on time as scheduled.

Week 17- Michelangelo

Materials- plaster/burlap, spray bottle, chalk pastels, watercolors, diluted brown paint in cups, brushes, cups or containers for water, glue, small pieces of cardboard, pencils

Style - Italian frescoes. Design ideas: hands/fingers to copy Adam, grape clusters, acorns, a cross

Procedure -

  1. Students mist plaster with water.
  2. Draw design with pencil if desired and begin filling in with chalk. Mist as needed. Another option is to use watercolor paints - which will be easier for younger students. You may also paint the chalk design with water to get the same effect.
  3. Paint over picture with watered-down brown tempera paint.
  4. Break up plaster into big chunks.
  5. Cover generously with school glue. Spread with cardboard piece and let dry.

Notes -
Pastel Fresco Secco - Lesson Plan

Week 18 - El Graco

Materials- Cardstock, print of self-portrait template, scissors, glue stick, pencils, colored pencils or crayons, large paper

Style - elongated people

Procedure -

  1. Cut self-portrait template into 4 random sections horizontally. (Some tutors may want to do this in advance.)
  2. Students glue the pieces onto a piece of cardstock or large paper.
  3. Fill in the lines between the pieces.
  4. Complete a self-portrait in an elongated style and use color to finish.
  5. Optional - trace the outline onto another piece of paper and finish.

Notes -